Yellow Ray (Hostile)
Yellow ray on ice
General Attributes:
Appearance Biome Sandy lakes
Attack Resilience 15
Fire Resilience 15
Fall Resilience 7.5
Attack Power 5
Breathing Mode Water
Mountable No
Swim Speed 3.5
Mass 20
Bodybox Size 0.65 x 0.1 x 0.65
Other Attributes:
Special "Dig in" ability
Drop 1 Raw Fish
Food Cannot Be Fed


Rays are underwater animals. The Yellow Ray is yellow in color.

As of current, you are unable to feed the rays, and they drop 1 Raw Fish when killed.

Rays are hostile, especially when you step on them. They have the ability to dig into the bottom of the lakes, making them almost invisible:

Yellow hidden

Apperance Biome

Yellow Rays are found in sandy lakes


Rays can be hunted for fish, so they are a food source. The only downside is that they are hard to see when the dig into the lake beds.

Yellow Ray can be spawned in Creative Gamemode using a Spawner Egg.

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