Wooden Sign
General Attributes:
Is Stackable Yes (40)
Is Flammable Yes
Fuel Value 5
Sleep Suitability 0
Explosion Resilience 3
Is Fluid Blocker No
Tool-related Attributes:
Digging Method Hack mini
Digging Resilience 3

Description   (From Recipaedia)

Signs can contain up to 4 lines of black or colored text. They can be affixed to a vertical surface, placed on a post anchored in the ground, or hung from the ceiling. A sign can be made to act as an internet link by specifying a URL (URLs only work in Adventure mode). When attached to a copper wire, the sign message will be displayed on the screen on the rising edge of an electric signal. Use \ (backslash) to continue the message in the same line.


They require 3 wood planks and 1 stick. You get 2 Wooden signs.

Craft a sign1


Signs can be placed on a vertical surface or a floor or ceiling. When placed on  a floor or ceiling, they can be placed at an angle. They can be also placed on walls, where they will not have a stick supporting them.

When editing the text in a sign, you can choose the color of each line of text by tapping on the box to the right of the line. The color displayed in the box will be the color of the text. Some colors work better than others with the background of the sign which is 'plank' in the default textures. The available colors are red, green, blue, pink, teal, orange, white and black.

When the sign is electrically activated, (e.g. wiring it to a pressure plate) it will also make a notification sound when displaying the text. If you are too far away from an activated sign, you will not hear it nor get the notice on your screen. <<the distance needs to be determined>>

To have the sign link to a URL, tap the URL button and a window will open for you to enter the link address. You can even test the link from this window. The link will be activated through the browser when the player taps the sign. The text on the sign will turn a shade of navy blue and appear underlined.


  • You can stand on top of signs when they are placed on the ground or on walls. Placing them on walls allows for 'secret' access passageways, or for jumping challenges.
  • Signs can have up to 16 characters per line.
  • If you power a freshly placed sign nothing will happen. If you place it, press it and exit it, it will still not display text (if none entered) but the sound will be heard when powered. This can be combined with a motion detector and a clock to create a realistic house alarm.
  • Signs can be edited without destroying any original text (unlike some MC versions).
  • You cannot edit signs in adventure mode.
  • Signs can easily be destroyed by running water.
  • They can be useful in decorating such as placing them on the sides of a stair block to form arms for a chair.
  • You can also color the sign itself using a paint bucket or strip it from the color you gave using a paint stripper bucket. Colored signs can be found under the 'Painted' tab in the creative inventory.

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