Wildboar (Semi Hostile)
General Attributes:
Appearance Biome Jungles/Forest
Attack Resilience 20
Fire Resilience 15
Fall Resilience 7.5
Attack Power 1
Breathing Mode Air
Mountable No
Walk Speed 3.5
Mass 120
Bodybox Size 0.8 x 0.85 x 0.8
Other Attributes:
Drop 1-2 Raw Meat
Auto Nearby Creatures Help Yes

Food Pumpkins


Wildboars are wild pigs in Survival Craft with dark brown hair and 2 small tusks.

Boars are herbivores, but will only eat Pumpkins.

Boars are semi hostile, and may attack in groups [mostiy when provoked]. They drop 1-3 Raw Bacon when killed.

Apperance Biome

Boars spawn in Jungles and Forests


Boars are fairly easy to kill, so they are a great food source.

Wildboar can be spawned in Creative Gamemode using a Spawner Egg.