White Tiger (Hostile) [Rare]
General Attributes:
Appearance Biome Cold, Snowy areas
Breathing Mode Air
Mountable No
Walk Speed 4
Acceleration Factor 0.5
Other Attributes:
Special Rare/Can Jump 2 Blocks
Drop 1 Leather, 1 Rotten Meat (50%)
Auto Nearby Creatures Help Yes

Food Meat/Fish


Whie tigers are large cats in Survival Craft. They are normally orange with black stripes, however, the rare white tiger is white with black stripes.

Both tigers are carnivores, meaning they will eat: Bacon [raw or cooked], Bird [raw or cooked], and Fish [raw or cooked]

Tigers are extremely hostile, and will attack you on sight. They drop nothing when killed.

Apperance Biome

White Tigers are found exclusively in cold, snowy habitats, usually far from icy shores.


Because White Tigers are extremely hostile and drop nothing when killed, they do you more harm than good.


Because these tigers are rare, they have no spawn egg in Creative Gamemode.

To see regular Tiger, click HERE.

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