Werewolf (Hostile)
General Attributes:
Appearance Biome Everywhere except Deserts
Attack Resilience 30
Fire Resilience 15
Fall Resilience 15
Attack Power 2
Breathing Mode Air
Mountable No
Walk Speed 4.75
Mass 120
Bodybox Size 0.7 x 1.8 x 0.7
Other Attributes:
Drop 1 Rotten Meat, 1 Diamond (4% Chance)
Auto Nearby Creatures Help Yes


Werewolves are supernatural creatures that inhabit Survival Craft. While these beings do share the same appearance as wolves, they stand on their hind legs instead. Note that regular wolves can turn into werewolves on full moon/new moon nights, as shown below:

Werewolf transfer

Werewolf transformation.

Werewolves are extremely hostile (Harmless and Creative modes being the exception) and can jump up to 3 blocks high. Upon killing a werewolf, there is a VERY small chance of it dropping a Diamond . In addition to this, werewolves can also be spotted from a good distance due to the ominous glow of their red eyes. Note that you'll only be able to see these eyes when they are staring at you which is shown below:

Werewolf eyes

Glowing Eyes

Appearance Biome

Werewolves transform from regular (grey) wolves, so they are found in every biome except for deserts.


Werewolves are incredibly dangerous to hunt due to their excellent jumping ability, speed, and attack strength. Nonetheless, these creatures can be killed for Diamonds. They only rarely drop diamonds but if you make a trap, it could be worthwhile.

NOTE: the chance of dropping diamonds has changed through several versions of the game. In 1.29, it seemed they didn't drop diamonds at all. In 2.0, the chance is extremely small.

Werewolves can be spawned in Creative Gamemode using a Spawner Egg.

Starting with V2.1, werewolves may be disabled by turning off SUPERNATURAL CREATURES.


Werewolves can normally jump up to 3 blocks high, but if other werewolves are present and they happen to be bunched up together, the werewolves will jump atop each other to make room for themselves. A werewolf standing on top of another will then be able to jump 4 blocks high. So to protect yourself or your animals from them you will need a high fence: Five blocks for a wooden fence or 4 blocks for an iron one or a stone wall. (Note: You can jump over a 1 block high wooden fence!) 

A werewolf's defense is no greater than that of regular wolves. However, they can do much more attack damage and they're also faster in this form. Not surprisingly then, if a werewolf is attacked in an open area (example: a wide expanse of snowy tundra) until it reaches low health, the beast will run away (faster than the Player can) which will make it nigh impossible for the Player to land the final blow on them. Knowing this, the Player would definitely have an easier time of killing these creatures in biomes full of obstructions, such as thick forests, which are better suited to cornering and killing a werewolf without the hassle of futilely chasing them down in an open space.

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