Weather was introduced in Survivalcraft in version 1.18. You can disable weather in the world options in creative mode. There are four types: Clear Skies, Snowfall, Rainfall, and Thunderstorms.

Clear Skies

New sunset
This is the type of weather seen most in the Survivalcraft worlds. If you have the options turned on in World Options, you get to see beautiful skies, fluffy clouds and colorful sunrises and sunsets. This is the time you want to get out and do all the things that need to be done outside, especially if you are in a temperate biome (not desert or snow).



Snowfall occurs exclusively in cold habitats

Snowfall is precipitation occuring in cold biomes. Different shapes and sizes of flakes can be seen. Snow sticks to most flat surfaces and you can harvest snowballs from it later. Snow will not make you wet but it will make you cold. If you are dressed properly, snow will cause you no harm.




Rainfall occurs in the temperate biomes: jungle, wasteland, forest, and ocean. Rainfall makes it harder to see for great distances. It will make you wet and you will get cold quicker. You should try to stay out of the rain, or stay close to a desert so you can dry off when needed.


Survivalcraft 2015-04-04 13-35-58-

You can summon lightning in Creative.

A thunderstorm can occur during any rainfall. A thunderstorm's rain also makes seeing great distances difficult and also produces lightning that can catch trees and buildings made of flammable blocks on fire. Lightning can easily set the Player on fire and kill you. It will break glass roofs without needing to set them on fire.

Other weather effects

  • No precipitaion occurs in the desert due to the high heat. Instead it will just cloud the sky and reduce your view just like rain and snow. Lightning can even occur in the desert during a thunderstorm, so don't think you're too safe.
  • Your view will decrease during rain even if you are deep inside a cave. The cave will look blurry and the distances will look white. You can also hear the thunder from lightning. The temperature will also drop. So, if you're mining and thinking about going to the surface but the view starts to turn white, you know it's raining above and you might want to stay underground until it stops.
  • Weather in SC worlds happens in the whole world at the same time. When it rains/snows, there is no place to go where it isn't - except the deserts.


  • See Clothing and Body Temperature for protection against being cold and wet.
  • Despite rainfall being water, it doesn't extinguish fires or break blocks.
  • Lightning doesn't deal damage, but fire and the explosion from it does.
  • Lightning can set off explosives if they are high enough to be struck.
  • Weather does not affect the local humidity. Plants do not grow better when it rains. Animals are not affected by it.
  • ​Weather​ will break carpet, which was added in the 1.27 update
  • In 1.27, Lightning is explosive and it can be summoned by the new lightning button (this is located in the top right corner). It does not have to be raining to summon lighting. It will NOT make explosions if the game is in static mode.
Lightning Button

Lightning Button

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