Water (Block)
ID 18
General Attributes:
Is Flammable No
Is Edible No
Light Attenuation 8
Density 1
Is Fluid Blocker No
Tool-related Attributes:
Digging Method Bucket mini
Required Tool Level 0


This is a source block of water. It is an unobtainable block in all game modes. For more information on using water, see Water Bucket

When a Water Bucket is 'placed', it will place a source block of water (this block) at the designed location. Breaking an ice block will also create a source block of water. 

Source blocks will try to combine to form a surface of still water, if the source blocks are close enough. 


  • It will spread 7 blocks in all directions if not blocked by a fluid blocker.
  • Flowing water from a source block breaks stairs, slabs and other items and destroys plants.
  • You can make an infinite water source by using only 2 source blocks of water. Make a 2x2 pit and place the source blocks in opposite corners. 
  • Flowing water can freeze into a full block and then be broken to form a 'free' source block. This is another method of an infinite water source. 
  • People also use water as a water elevator due to fact that player can climb water really fast. Water also reduces fall damage. The "Watervator" is not recommended since version 1.26. Getting wet can now accelerate freezing to death. Wearing armor can prevent the character from jumping out of deep water and may cause you to sink to the bottom. 
  • Explosions underwater can cause minimal to no environmental damage. It will still damage you and any entity in the water, however.
  • Going into water will attract animals like barracudas and piranhas to come and attack you. When walking into muddy or sandy water, you may startle some rays, which will attack you also.
  • Wading in water will decrease your insulation and make you colder, which helps you to freeze faster. Water also makes your clothes and armor degrade faster. Simply switching clothes from your inventory will NOT prevent this, as all clothes are affected.
  • Wetness will dry faster if you are near fire.
  • Sea Urchin, Starfish, Kelp and Seagrass are the only blocks that can be placed inside a source block of water. Water can spread on them without being blocked.


  • 1.0- Added Water
  • 1.3- Bug in which water and snow is transparent when above another block is fixed
  • 1.5- Projectiles can now skip on water
  • 1.7- Water becomes animated
  • 1.8- Directional water spreading added; water can be collected by bucket
  • 1.15- Water, along with magma, could now be customized in texture packs
  • 1.18- Ice melts into water in hot temperatures, water freezes into ice in cold temperatures
  • 1.21- Added animals that live in water such as piranhas and sharks; amount of water, along with deserts, is increased
  • 1.22- Water, along with Dirt, can now be used for agriculture; orcas added to the ocean
  • 1.23- New aquatic animals, sea bass and freshwater bass
  • 1.26- Water, along with rain, can make the player wet, making him/her more vulnerable to freezing in colder biomes; new aquatic animals, barracuda and beluga whales
  • 1.27- Shader-based proper water translucency added; flowing water, along with magma, have ambient sound effects; bug that affects drowning is fixed
  • 1.29- Water pools may now appear underground
  • 2.0- Lots of underwater life added; underwater color, visibility, and fog tweaked based on humidity, temperature, and depth