The view distance determines how far away you can see.


The view distance directly affects the amount of processor power required to run the game. A higher distance may cause the game to lag and possibly crash, especially on devices with slower processors.

Beasts will only spawn within the view distance.

Electrics in general, will only work within the view distance. This can be very important in larger electrics builds. Some electrics which keep a value, such as the memory bank, will still keep that value when the player is farther away.

Your kept animals will despawn if you are away from them too long. This may also be related to the view distance, but has not been verified yet.

Current Choices

  • 32 blocks (good for slower devices)
  • 48 blocks (good for slower devices)
  • 64 blocks
  • 80 blocks (1GB RAM recommended)
  • 96 blocks (1GB RAM recommended)
  • 112 blocks (1GB RAM recommended)
  • 128 blocks (1GB RAM recommended)
  • 160 blocks (2GB RAM and a fast device recommended)
  • 192 blocks (2GB RAM and a fast device recommended)
  • 224 blocks (2GB RAM and a fast device recommended)
  • 256 blocks (2GB RAM and a fast device recommended)
  • 288 blocks (4GB RAM and a very fast device recommended)
  • 320 blocks (4GB RAM and a very fast device recommended)
    • There is also a 1024 distance mode only available on Kaalus' development PC.


  • In Alpha 1.0 it only featured one setting of the visibility range: 64 blocks. In fact there was no visibility range option.
  • In Alpha 1.15 kaalus added the visibility range option in the settings and the choices where: Near (32 blocks), Medium (48 blocks) and Far (64 blocks).
  • In 1.23 kaalus increased the maximum render distance to 2.5x of what was in 1.22 and the choices where: 32 blocks, 48 blocks, 64 blocks, 96 blocks, 128 blocks and 160 blocks.
  • In 1.26 kaalus added his custom game engine which included a 256 blocks distance.
  • In 1.27, more options were added, giving: 32 blocks, 48 blocks, 64 blocks, 80 blocks, 96 blocks, 112 blocks, 128 blocks, 160 blocks, 192 blocks, 224 blocks and 256 blocks.
  • In 2.1, 288 blocks and 320 blocks distance were added.


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