This is a page about TOP 3 animals in each category. Categories are: speed, mass, volume, global resilience, size, danger, best mount, and global rank.

General attributes


Speed is very importnant attribute. Its knowledge can help you when you want to kill certain animal. Written in m/s

The fastest animals are: 

Land Air Water
Gold  Horse (6.75) Seagull (8) Orca (6)
Silver Camel (6.25) Raven (7) Shark (4)
Bronze  Zebra (6) Duck (6) Piranha (3.5)

Best mount

Everyone want to know what mount is the best - horse or camel? So let's see:

Horse Camel
Speed 6.75 6.25
Good look 9 10
Reachability 10 8



Mass is used to count collisions. It's written in kg.

So, what animals are the heaviest?

Land Air Water
Gold  Rhino (1200) Duck (10) Orca (3000)
Silver Giraffe (1000) Seagull (10) Shark (150)
Bronze  Camel (600) Raven (10) Piranha (30)


Size is also used for collisions counting. It is written in blocks. 

The highest animals are:

Land Air Water
Gold  Giraffe (3.3) Duck (0.6) Orca (1)
Silver Camel (1.9) Seagull (0.6) Shark


Bronze  Ostrich (1.8) Raven


Piranha (0.35)

Volume /no official/

Volume is not used in the game, it's written here just for fun. I used A x B x C formula to count it, so it's written in BL^3 (cubic block).

Animals with highest volume are:

Land Air Water
Gold  Giraffe (4.8) Duck (0.2) Orca (13)
Silver Rhino (4.6) Seagull  (0.2) Shark


Bronze  Bull (2.4) Raven


Piranha (0.1)

Health and attack 

Global resilience /no official/

Global resilience is counted from attack resilience (AR), fire resilience (FiR) and fall resilience (FaR). The exact formula is AR+FiR/1.55+FaR/1.25

The highest global resilience have:

Land Air Water
Gold  Rhino (79.3) Duck (17.6) Orca (219.3)
Silver Bear (66) Seagull (17.6) Shark


Bronze  Bull , Giraffe (54.3) Raven (17.6) Piranha (34.3)

Danger /no official/

Knowledge about the most dangerous animal is useful all the time (when hunting or just walking around the world). The formula to count it is Global resilience x Attack Power

The most brutal animals are:

Land Air Water
Gold  Rhino (317.2) Duck (0) Orca (2193)
Silver Bear (264) Seagull


Yellow Ray (155)
Bronze  Lion (164) Raven


Shark  (147.9)

Global rank

Global rank tells you what animals are the best-of-the-bests. Every animal will recieve 3p for gold, 2p for silver and 1p for bronze medal. Global rank is arithmetic mean from sum of these values.

The best animals are:

Land Air Water
Rhino (1.8) Seagull (0.5) Orca (3)

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