This is the best outfit to have fur hat, cotton shirt, leather jerkin, leather pants, and leather boots. Light but warm.

1. Clothes- Clothes are the most important thing to have considering temperature is the quickest killing survival effect in the game! Always have a pair of clothes on and if you're on a long trip bring an extra pair in case those wear out. Certain layers can be worn in succession, for example cotton shirt/leather chest plate/fur coat, so keep this in mind for seriously high warmth levels in the coldest corners of the world

2. Machete and Pickaxe- Although a machete and a pickaxe are very different, they tie for second. A machete is very good if you get involved with an aggressive animal or if you need food. A pickaxe is nice to have if you see an ore sticking out of the ground, which could save time later.


Best machete and pickaxe to have, made of diamond.

3. Food (>12)- Food is something very important to have. Sometimes you may find yourself hungry, but far away from home. Therefore if you have food on you, then you can continue working.


All the types of food you can have (as of v.1.26.9) (all eggs can be cooked)

4. Matches (40) and Coal Block (2)- These are useful if you find yourself in a Snow Biome, wet and freezing. If you place the coal block down and light it, not only will it warm you, but it'll dry you very fast. The reason to have a coal block and not wood is, wood destroys when burnt, however coal blocks burns forever therefore you don't waste anything.

A coal block burning, warming the player.

5. Compass- A compass is useful for long trips. Compasses show you the direction to your home at any distance! As long as you have a magnet in your home and a compass in your pocket you'll never lose your home again.

The "( )" is the advised amount to take.


A compass

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