This page describes the parameters used in the infobox for tools and weapons. 

Any entry that does not apply should be left blank. Some entries have a default value that will be used if no other value is entered. 

Example Tools/Weapons
Wooden Machete icon
not a sword
Common Attributes:
Is Stackable? No (1)
Is Flammable? Yes
Density .8
Durability 20
Weapon Powers:
Melee Power 4
Projectile Power 0
Explosive Power 0
Tool Strengths:

Basic Information

Title: What's the name of this tool? 

Image: Enter the name of the 'icon' image file. 

Image Width: Only enter a value here if the default (120 px)  does not work. 

Caption: You may add a caption to go under the image. Usually leave it blank. 

Common Attributes

Is Stackable: How many can you carry in inventory?   Default is 1, so usually leave blank. 

Is Flammable: Can this tool catch fire?   (Yes or No) 

Density: Used to determine buoyancy. An item with a density less than 1 will float. Item with density greater than 1 will sink.

Durability: How long does the tool or weapon last? The final value depends also on the hardness of the blocks it is used on. 

Weapon Powers

Melee Power: How much damage does it do when hitting with it? 

Melee Ratio: What is the chance of a strike when hitting with it?  Is a number between 0 (never hits) and 1 (always hits). 

Ranged Power: How much damage does it do when thrown? 

Explosive Power: Power of the explosion provided by it. (Bombs) 

Tool Strengths

Tool Level: Indicates the level of the tool. Certain minerals will require a minimal level to be acquired.

  • 1 means you can acquire it by hand.
  • Wooden tools are level 2
  • Stone tools are level 3
  • Copper Tools are level 4
  • Iron tools are level 5
  • Diamond tools are level 6

Digging Power:  Effectiveness when used as a shovel. 

Hack Power:  Effectiveness when used as an axe. 

Quarry Power: Effectiveness when used as a pickaxe. 

NOTE: do not add values for the above powers unless the tool is intended for the use. All other uses have a default power of 1.5 - slightly better than 'by hand'.

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