Tips for Playing in Cruel ModeEdit

Playing cruel mode is the true way of playing Survivalcraft. Every choice you make could mean the difference between life and death. This makes the game more realistic and immerses you more. However, surviving this mode can be very difficult unless you know how to! This tutorial isn't going to tell you every basic step of survival, it is a bunch of tips that will help you survive a little better in cruel.


  • For your first house, it is a good idea to use leaves as they are very cheap and common.
  • Most mornings there will be a bunch of animals outside your house so a good thing to do is build walls around your house that are at least 3 blocks tall.
  • Towers at each corner of the walls can be used to shoot any animals wandering near your front gate.
  • Make a 10 block distance from your walls to the trees surrounding your walls. This area is good so you can see what is ahead and find it easier when coming home since the clearing will stand out and be more obvious with the surrounding, thicker foliage. 


  • Having a farm inside of your walls means no animals can destroy the crops and keeps you safe when harvesting.
  • When hunting birds, use a bow. Wait until they have landed and then get about 10 blocks away. When they land, they are still and an easy kill. Never try kill them when they are flying unless you know you are good enough- you will only waste arrows and go home hungry. 
  • When you first start, pumpkins and eggs are a good source of food. 
  • If you can't find any vines to make a bow, use a spear to hunt birds, it works pretty well.


  • Always have some sort of ranged weapon. Spear, bow, gun, crossbow. This is used for a good attack strategy. Shoot the animal from fairly far away and let it run up to you. While it is coming, reload your weapon then pull out a machete. Attack the animal until it starts to run, then shoot it again to kill it.
  • When attacking in close quarters, always move backwards and attack. The knockback from your weapon and you running back will stop then being able to hit you. Always check your area if you can before you attack. Moving backwards into a lava pool or off a cliff will still end badly. 

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