This article is about the ship that maroons you in the beginning of a world. For the one you can craft and mount please see the article Boat.

When you first start a world, you are marooned by a ship on the shores of your world. Then the ship will start to sail away, leaving the player behind on the island. Beginning in V2.0, the sea level may be set higher. If the sea level is high, you may be left in a boat. It is possible to follow the ship by flying after it on creative when you start a world. However, if you let it sail away from you, it will eventully disappear.

The Player cannot ride on it and will just go right through the ship. It is not harmed by explosives and cannot be blocked by placing blocks in front of it.


The current story behind why the Ship marooned the Player on the island is unknown. However, there is text in the intro of the game. Line 1 "Cast away, boys". Line 2 "Hey you, on the shore/in the boat!" Line 3 "We're leaving you here for good!". That is currently all there is.


  • Sometimes the ship ends up going through islands if you follow it far out to sea.
  • It is impossible to touch the ship. You will go through it, as it is an intangible item. 
  • When the ship passes through an item, for example an island or placed blocks, sometimes it appears black although retains form and returns to usual form as it continues through. 
  • The ship will sail forever without end.


  • The Ship is in all versions since 1.0
  • 2.0- The text for the intro of the game has changed