There are many different types of Terrain found in SurvivalCraft. It is important that you know all of them, so you can decide where to live, hunt, farm, and keep livestock. Certain amimals and plants are found in different terrain types.


Wastelands are flat areas with dry grass and bushes. Graves and grass traps spawn naturally in wastelands. Some animals you can find include: ravens, white bulls, the occasional herd of black cattle , donkeys , brown bears , and occasional black bears .


Deserts are composed of sand and occasional pools of water. Although it is most common to have fairly flat land in deserts, you can find sandy mountains as well. Desert animals include: lions, ostriches, coyotes, camels, zebras, and hyenas.

Cold, Snowy Areas

In snowy areas, you are likely to find different types of terrain. Some may be flat and contain grass, others may be mountainous and have a lot of spruce trees. This area can be good for gathering wood for your home, but not a great place to live or keep livestock. It is not a good source of food either. You cannot find any pumpkins, and the only animals that live here are reindeer, the occasional herd of black cattle, white tiger, polar bears, ravens, and wolves. Polar bears are found on the ice, close to oceans and shores.

Tropical, Lush Areas

In tropical areas, the land is mostly flat, but there are a lot of oak trees, many of which probably contain ivy. You need ivy to obtain string, which is vital to making a bow. You can find pumpkins as well. The animals that live here are horses, cattle, giraffes, rhinos, tigers, wildboars, piranhas and bass in the lakes and ponds, gnu, brown bears and ducks. Living in tropical areas gives you a food advantage, but there are also many dangerous predators, example tigers, rhinos, etc. But it is not ideal for herding or keeping livestock. In order to do so, you must clear away a lot of trees in order for your animals to have room in their fence.


Caves are very common in mountains. In caves, you can find diamond , coal , iron , malachite , germanium . There are a lot of resources to be found, but is is not an ideal place to live because of it's rough terrain. You cannot keep any livestock here, and building a house is difficult. There are also many predators that call the caves and mountains their home such as tigers and brown and black bears . There aren't very many food sources either. Only the occasional gnu or pumpkin.

Oceans, Lakes, Ponds, and Pools

In the oceans, you will find deep, deep water infested with sharks , rays, barracudas , and piranhas . There are also sea bass , and if you are far out enough, an orca or two. The orca is the most dangerous animal in the game. Once one attacks you, you have zero chance of survival. And because they are found in the middle of oceans, there is no land to run to. The sharks are also very dangerous.

In the tropical lakes, you will find piranhas, brown rays, and freshwater bass. These waters are usually 1-4 blocks deep. The piranhas are very dangerous, and they will all gang up on you. Avoid piranha infested waters. They can also bite your boat to the point where it can no longer float.

In desert ponds, you will find yellow rays. Rays can dig into the sand and dirt blocks, making them hard to spot. The yellow rays are more dangerous than the brown rays.Yellow rays have an attack power of 5 and brown ones 1. Desert ponds are usually 1 block deep.

Pools are also found in deserts, and sometimes tropical areas. The difference between a pond and a pool is the size. Although they are both only 1 block deep, ponds cover more surface area. Pools take up anywhere from 2-8 blocks in surface area.

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