This post unites the best-of-the-bests electrical maps that are findable on google. Every map has its own video, that shows its main features, and it has also a link to official thread to forums and link to download. Although almost nobody looks at the forum, it often contains useful info about the map (so it's better to visit it). If you know better electronical maps, PM me a link to them (I will maybe remake the list).

#1 - RoadRage 2 Ten mile challenge by mgblitz81

The most epic and cool map ever made in Survivalcraft. I think mgblitz81 is a genius - just look at the main (not all) features

  • it's a fully functional videogame
  • it contains big LED display
  • it includes three types of cars (they have different speeds)
  • it counts your progress in the game (in miles)
  • although it is a game in a game, it has realistic graphics (cars look like cars, road like road etc...)
  • and more...

Links - Official thread link, Download link

Here is a video that shows gameplay:

Survivalcraft RoadRage game!!02:01

Survivalcraft RoadRage game!!

#2 - Darts for two players by JustPlaying

Although this map does not contain level-pro electrical circuits, it adds more fun to Survivalcraft, because it is made for two players. There is no multiplayer added in the game yet, but it can be played with the Pass2play method. It has also its own texture pack, for better feeling while playing. Its main features are -

  • fully functional game
  • each player has his own target that shows his hits
  • each player has his own counter that tells him what did he hit and also shows a score
  • easily changable player's names (just re-write the signs)
  • and more...

Links - Official thread link, Download link, Texture download link

Here is a video showing gameplay (with the Darts texture) -

Survivalcraft game for 2 players - Darts01:40

Survivalcraft game for 2 players - Darts

MAKER'S NOTE: Sorry for the animals, but they hid in the wires' tunnels and I can't find them. Sorry again. And the Darts texture is made just for this map, it's not good for normal use.

#3 - Electrical Temple Run by JustPlaying

Remake of popular game - just in Survivalcraft. There are lots of Temple Runs (for example the first was by ritehunter, link here), but this one is uniqe, because it uses more "traps" and also it's longer than most of others. Features -

  • tutorial path
  • main path
  • lots of traps, from trapdoor-lava to sand and spiked planks
  • longer than others

Links - Official thread, Download link

Here is a video showing how can you run -

Survivalcraft Electrical Temple Run01:33

Survivalcraft Electrical Temple Run

#4 - PIN door lock with code showing displays by unknown maker

If someone knows who did this, PM me or edit this page. I think it was Survivalcrafter, but I'm not sure.

This is the probably the first bigger electrical map ever made. It can be (or some parts of it can be) used in many adventure maps, or survival houses. It has following features -

  • code lock
  • four seven-segments displays
  • shows the inputed code on the displays

Links - No official thread, Download link

Here is a video showing it in action -

Survivalcraft PIN lock with display01:16

Survivalcraft PIN lock with display

#5 - RoadRage 1 by mgblitz81

Although this is the first version of the game, (second version is RoadRage: TMC) it's still cool and enjoyable to play. It was also the first game ever in Survivalcraft, so big respect to mgblitz. It has almost the same gameplay as the second version, but it has worse graphics. Features -

  • fully functional videogame
  • two game modes - campaign (with levels) and survival (super-hard challenge)
  • simple controls
  • big LED display

Links - Official thread link, Download link

Here is a video showing the gameplay of both modes -

Road Rage Mini Game!14:13

Road Rage Mini Game!

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