Ever seen that camera button at the top of the screen? Well its time to use it! This is no ordinary building contest ; its a photo contest! Just find anything on SurvivalCraft that you find unique, funny or anything else and take a screen shot! Everyone who posted an entry will get a message from me to say whether you have won or not. If I get enough entries there will be a second and third place as well! All entries are greatly appreciated!


Example: Edit

Post the actual photo, then this additional information:


Username or IP address

Description of your photo:



They are four categories that will be judged. If each category only has one entry, then all photos will be put into the same contest.

  • Landscapes
  • Animals
  • Buildings
  • Natural

Note: If the photo does not fit into any of these themes, post the theme as "other"

Photos can contain all four if wanted, the more variety of the photo, the better. If your photo has two or even three categories, write them all down when entering your photo.


All categories will be judged for these following qualities:

  • Is it interesting? (2 points max)
  • Does it give off an atmosphere? (4 points max)
  • Is it creative? (2 points)
  • If it contains a building, is style of the photo high quality? (3 points max, building category)
  • If it contains an landscape, is the style of the photo high quality? (3 points max, landscape category)
  • If it contains an animal, is the style of the photo high quality? (3 points max, animal category)
  • If it contains something natural (A tree, some flowers etc) is the style of the photo high quality? (3 points max, natural category)
  • Does it contain more then one theme? (4 points max)

The maximum score you can get is 24.


1st place:

2nd place: (possible)

3rd place: (possible)

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