Ship Story TheoryEdit

Whenever you create a new world, you see a little cut scenes with a ship leaving you. Post in the comments any theories about what the back story might be (be accurate!)

Possible Theories:

The ship belongs to pirates that had you as a slave: Theory by Tech3267

The player was with a crew of explorers. They arrive at an island, where they decide to set up camp (made of cobblestone). But after a while, things go terribly wrong. The camps collapse (ties to cobblestone theory) and crew members start dying (ties to gravestone theory). To protect themselves, they set up traps (ties to spike theory). The player was one of the remaining survivors, who tries a different approach: Tame werewolves . When the other surviving crew members see this, they accuse him of being the reason things are falling apart. They decide to set sail, leaving the player behind (explains the message: "Remember, we aren't coming back for you."). - Theory by a contributor

The player requests to be dropped off on an uninhabited island so he can escape from society and live on his own. This explains why they say "Remember, we won't be back for you" ~ChartreuseNarwhal

The ship is owned by pirates, and you were a part of the crew. After a while, they decide to maroon you. So now, you're stuck in the wilderness, marooned, by yourself with no help. - A contributor

Graves and SpikesEdit

Some of the naturally generated things in Survivalcraft include Graves and Spikes. Post in the comments any theories of why these are here.

Possible Theories:

The graves might tie with the pirate theory: theory by Austinjl2000

The spikes could be simply from hunters: theory by Austinjl2000

The traps and graves are because of a pirate invasion: theory by a contributor

The traps and graves could be from a previous civilization (this ties with one of the cobblestone theories): theory by hazelbloom123!

Kaalus added graves and randomly generated spiked traps as testing/preperation for randomly generated houses.

Graves & ItemsEdit

Why do graves have torches/Jack O Lanterns on top of them? And why do they contain items?

Possible Theories:

Werewolves, do rituals around graves trying to make the player emotionally weakened, and werewolves some how placing the Jack o lanterns to signify the previous and the players descendant's death places. --Tech3267

Pirate remains and loot have been sitting there and the Pirate spirit keeps the items and tools from despawning. --Tech3267

Cobblestone TheoryEdit

Sometimes cobblestone appears naturally. Post in the comments if you think this can lead to any conclusions.

Possible Theories:

Tectonic activity: Stanimus

If we put the other theories together...the cobblestone might just be the "broken civilization" of the pirate theory: Austinjl2000

Bacon TheoryEdit

Bacon is a type of food you can eat in the game. But why do cows dropped bacon as well? Post in the comments if you have a good assumption for this.

Possible Theories:

Cows evolved from wild boars in this world? 

This ties with the pirate theory. Let's just say the player was marooned on the island by pirates. As this is a 'different dimension' The inhabitants would have not shared the exact same understanding of words, religion, etc. The player, not knowing any better, would name all meat from land creatures 'Bacon'. This suggests cow meat is not necessarily bacon, but that is just the name the player has given it. : theory by hazelbloom123!

The first animal added to the game was the wild boar and when cows were added Kaalus decided not to change the name, probably because he deemed it unnessacery.

In 2.1 bacon has been renamed meat meaning that kaalus forgoten to rename it when he added cows.

Werewolf TheoryEdit

Werewolves are extremely hostile creatures that appear on a full or new moon. But, these creatures have some noticeable differences from the traditional werewolf. Such as: They usually drop diamonds when killed, they temporarily evolve from regular wolves, they kill you instead of turning you into one of them. Got an explanation to all of this? Post in the comments your ideas.

Possible Theories:

Perhaps the diamond comes from previous players who has died in the past, which now contains the player's spirit. Wolves, due to their easy attractions, find a diamond, and the spirit of a disturbed ghost enters the wolf. On a full or new moon, the spirit gains full power, and takes over the wolf's body, creating an angry werewolf. Because it's just the spirit creating the werewolf, it cannot spread to another player.: theory by Austinjl200

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