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Welcome to the SurvivalCraft Wiki!

SurvivalCraft Wiki, from how to craft things in the game to suggestions on how to survive, all with up-to-date information. Help us make this wiki helpful for the rest by researching the game and sharing information, along with correcting any pesky mistakes. We try our best to keep all our information on SurvivalCraft up-to-date so that we can make your experience with the game that much better.

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Some Info on SurvivalCraft:

SurvivalCraft is about you being marooned on an island by a ship you were traveling in, which as they say in-game, will never come back for you. With only your hands and the scraps of clothing on your back to depend on you'll have to make the best of your situation. You'll have to survive for as long as you can, which means trying to take advantage of your permanent stay on the never ending island. Discover rare animals, gather resources, hunt for food, fight off the carnivores that come after you at night and more!

Wiki's Table Of Contents


  • Animals - anything concerning Survivalcraft's fauna (from animals' appearance to their behaviors)


  • Blocks - placable-in-world blocks and "items" (Cobblestone, Glass, Fences, Doors etc)


  • Concepts - pages about Survivalcraft particular aspects and trivia, like farming, day'n'night, hunger, weather, seeds, tips&guides and so on


  • Electricity - everything that's related to electricity, from wires to advanced circuits
  • Entities - everything in Survivalcraft with "health". (Boats, debris, etc.)


  • Items - all non-placeable-in-world items (Stone Chunk, Food, Tools, Weapons etc) and boats


  • Tips and Guides - pages that can help you with all of your Survival Craft needs.


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