Split Screen is a feature added in 2.1 for having between 1 and 4 players in the same world.

Setting Up Edit

To start off, you'll need at least 2 people for split screen. Split screen is either touchscreen, keyboard and mouse, or by gamepad controller. Decide which one would be best for you; touchscreen for large devices like tablets, keyboard and mouse for a person on a computer, or gamepad for TVs or all-purpose situations. Another player can join a world by either creating a new world.

For a new world, on the character set up screen, next to the green button on the bottom, there is an "Add Another". Pressing this will repeat the character process for the other player. Proceed as normal

Pause And Stats
More Actions Menu

If joining an existing world, go into that world and pause the game within the menu. The stats menu should show up and on the farthest button on the right, press the button with 3 dots. This opens up the extended menu and shows other options. What we're looking for is the Edit Players, as that will open a character screen for all the existing players. Each player is listed here with their portraits, clicking on a portrait will open a menu where you can change a character's skin, and name, but not their gender. To add another person, press New Player. That opens the character setup screen.

Edit Players
Set Up Player

If the screen orientation is not to your desire, you can change the screen set up. By repeating the steps above up until the point where you're at the Edit Players menu, a button that says Screen Layout can help solve your problem. It is there where you can change what your split screen will look like. 

You can't control them, they can.

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  • Multiplay can 'break' adventure mode and other pre-made maps! When an additional character is spawned, they will always spawn at the drop-off point, no matter how well the map is set up, unless it is ALWAYS kept with that many players.
  • If sea level of the world set high enough and player spawn with a boat, newly added player will always spawn with new boat which can exceed number of maximum boat in an area

So, adventure and cruel mode (made) maps should be created with all 4 players. Then the user will have to delete the other characters (every time they restart).