Snow (Block)
ID 61
General Attributes:
Is Stackable Yes (40)
Is Flammable No
Is Edible No
Explosion Resilience 2
Is Fluid Blocker No
Tool-related Attributes:
Digging Method Shovel mini
Digging Resilience 1

Description   (From Recipaedia )

A form of frozen water, covers ground in cold biomes. During cold weather, it may fall from the sky as snowfall and cover any area exposed directly to the sky.


  • The snow block is only obtainable in creative mode and will melt if placed in a hot or moderate biome.
  • When breaking snow, the player will obtain several snowballs, which can be used for throwing.
  • It does not appear in the world as the full block as shown above. Instead it creates a thin layer on the existing terrain.

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