This page covers smelting, cooking and other uses of the furnace.

The furnace allows you to cook meat and make ore ingots, glass, etc. 

See the furnace page for more information about the furnace.

How to cook and smelt

Furnace UI batch

Batch Slots

Open the furnace by tapping on it. A window will pop up with the furnace interface on the left side and your inventory on the right. There are three sections in the interface. The top section is for the raw material. Most uses need only one box of the batch input. The second box is for additional materials or when you need to use a water bucket. The middle section is for the fuel and the bottom is where the finished product is put. To exit the furnace interface, tap the inventory or the body button on the left of your screen. See the User Interface to learn more about all the buttons.

Most furnace uses need only one box of the batch input. This includes all cooking of meats, baking bread from dough, smelting of the ores, making glass from sand, granite from cobblestone, coal from wood ,bricks from clay and white pigment from limestone

Furnace UI fuel

Fuel Slot

Drag your fuel into the middle box, where the coal chunk is in the picture.

Drag your raw material into one of the boxes in the batch section (top). You can exit and leave the furnace and the materials will cook or smelt on their own. They will be put into the bottom section as they are finished and you can come back and pick them up later. If you put something in the other batch box, it will stop the cooking process.

Furnace UI output

Output Slots

The three slots under the top section are a visual aide to show that the fire is burning. The fire will keep burning until all the fuel is used up or the materials are finished smelting.

NOTE: You can waste a lot of fuel if you only smelt or cook a few items at a time! Once the raw material is used up or removed, the fuel will NOT keep burning until it is exhausted, as in other games. One coal chunk can smelt up to 11 ore chunks but if you only put one ore in the materials box, the coal will only smelt that one and then go out!!!

Furnace UI progress

Progress Bar

Cooking Eggs (batch use)

Eggs must be cooked using a water bucket. Each egg needs one full bucket  to cook. However, it does NOT use up the water - it simply has to be there. When each egg is cooked, it will be moved to the output box on the bottom. One water bucket will also be moved with it, into the other output box.

If you don't want to make a lot of buckets for cooking, you can do it with only 2 or 3. Three buckets is a lot easier than two but the process is the same. You'll have to keep the furnace open the entire cooking time to use this method.

Cook Egg1

Place all the eggs in one batch input box. Make sure there is enough fuel. Place your three buckets in the other batch box and the eggs will start cooking.

Cook Egg2

As soon as one egg is done, it will be moved to the output along with one bucket.

Cook Egg3
Cook Egg4

You must then take that bucket and move it back into the batch box with the rest of the buckets. You will have more time to move the buckets when you use more than 2 at once. You must move them BEFORE the last bucket is used from the batch box or it will start using up another coal chunk.

Cook Egg6

Keep doing this until all the eggs are cooked.

Other Batch uses

Some items are created in the furnace with two different materials.

To make marble, place limestone in one batch box and sand in the other. They will smelt together to make the marble in the output box.

All colored paints start off with a white paint bucket. To make white paint, you need a bucket of water and one white pigment for each bucket of paint. Place the buckets in one batch box and the pigments in the other.

The same process is used to change the color of paint. Place the paint bucket in one batch box and the colorant in the other batch box. See painting for the recipes.

What Items Can Be Smelted?

Item Produces
Raw Bird, Raw Fish, Raw Meat Cooked Bird, Cooked Fish, Cooked Meat
Iron Ore Chunk Iron Ingot
2 Iron Ingots Rod
2 Oak Woods, Birch Woods, Spruce Woods Coal Chunk
Malachite Chunk Copper Ingot
Water Bucket AND Raven/Duck/Seagull/Ostrich/Cassowary Egg Cooked Eggs
Germanium Ore Chunk Germanium Crystals
Cobblestone Granite
Dough Bread
Water Bucket AND Pumpkin Pumpkin Soup
Water Bucket AND White Pigment

Paint Bucket AND Colorant

White Paint

Colored Paint

Limestone 2 White Pigments
Clay 2 Bricks
Sand Glass
Sand AND Limestone Marble
Carpet AND Paint Bucket Dyed Carpet
Cloth AND Paint Bucket Dyed Cloth

Fuel For The Furnace

In order to smelt the above items, you will need to obtain fuel. The following can be used as fuel, in decreasing order of their fuel value:

* If you need to burn wood as fuel, the most efficient way is to craft them into slabs. Wooden planks give the same total fuel as wood blocks, but you get 4 slabs from 3 planks. All other crafted wooden products end up giving less total fuel, so they should only be burned to get rid of them, or if you have no choice.

** While Diamonds and Solid Diamond Blocks have tecnically a fuel value (20 and 40), they can no longer be used as a fuel in the latest updates.


  • When you gather wood, you will also get a lot of leaves. Use these to cook or smelt small amounts of items to save coal and get rid of all the excess leaves. 
  • Cacti will grow in any condition as long as it's on sand. This provides an infinitely renewable fuel source.
  • Any fuel that can be used for smelting can be used as a fuel for the Campfire too.