Skins are used to change the appearance of the character. This article describes how to get and use skins but does not provide the skins or links to them. 

How  to get skins

Skins (and worlds and textures) can be downloaded completely free from Community Content or from other sites including the official forum. See the page on Uploading and Downloading first. This will teach you how to use the built-in loader and how to direct download files then import them into the game. 

From Community Content 

When you are in the Community Content list screen, there is a drop-down menu at the top-right, where you choose to see only skins. Scroll through the files list until you find the skin you want to try and select it. Then simply tap DOWNLOAD. It will be downloaded and automatically imported into the game. 

Copy link Download 

If you have the link copied into the clipboard, you can use this method to download and automatically import the skin into the game. See the Uploading and Downloading page for details. 

Direct Download 

See the Uploading and Downloading page for details. This method will NOT automatically import the skin into the game. You will have to use the technique described on the Uploading and Downloading page to import them into the game. 

Backup the Skin

When you download ANY file from Community Content or use the Copy Link method, the file is NOT backed up to the SD. This is because it is already online and that IS the backup. However, you may wish to have it backed up locally. Again, the Uploading and Downloading page will teach you how to do that. 

Applying the Skin 

After a skin or texture is downloaded and imported, it is available to the game. Then you can use it in your worlds. 

To apply a skin to a world, you have to be in the CURRENT WORLDS screen. This is the screen where you choose the world you want to play in. 

Select the world but don't tap PLAY. Instead, tap the (...) button. This will bring up the OPTIONS screen. At the top of this screen are two selection boxes. One is for the texture and the other for the skin. Tap the skins box and a drop-down menu will show up. It may take a minute if you have a lot of skins to pick from. Scroll through the list and select the skin you want to use in this world. It can be changed at any time. 

Now back out to the CURRENT WORLDS screen and tap PLAY. The world will now be using the skin you chose. 

Making Skins 

You can make skins using many software. The easy software is ISO Pix-Pixel art Editor. 

  1. Download ISO Pix and ARC file manager on android 
  2. Download 256x256 defult png image of skin. 
  3. Open this image in ISO pix
  4. Edit it  
  5. Save it with .png format 
  6. Rename the file with .scskin format using ARC file manager
  7. Export it to Survival craft Folder 
  8. Download it in to survival craft. 

Deleting Skins

You will want to delete skins, textures and worlds you no longer want in the game. This will keep the game file from getting too big. Plus the list can take a long time to build when there are many items. 

To delete this content, choose GET CONTENT from the main screen. Then tap MANAGE and this will bring up the list of all content that was imported into the game. Scroll down and select the skin you want to remove and tap DELETE. You can continue to delete more content or back out of this screen. 


Armor and Clothing can be placed on any skins; not just the default (as shown below).