General Attributes:
Is Stackable No
Is Flammable No
Tool-related Attributes:

Description (From Recipaedia)

Saddle makes it possible to ride horses and other animals. A horse or camel without a saddle will quickly dump the rider and run away.


It takes 5 leather and 2 sticks to craft a saddle.


To Use

Have the saddle selected in your hotbar. Approach the rideable animal and tap on it. The saddle will be placed on the animal. Now you can ride it.

IMG 0317

Saddle on horse


  • Animals will drop their saddles when killed.
  • Saddles may be rarely obtained from the grave structures.
  • Saddles are used on horses, camels and donkeys. Other animals will not let you saddle them.
  • It would be wise to practice controlling a rideable animal in a safe area before trying to ride one when in danger.
  • Saddles on animals will not change looks unless on a camel, then it will look more like a saddle pad.

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