This page describes the growing stages of the Rye plant. For more details, see the related pages. 

Description   (from Recipaedia

Plant Rye on tilled, moist and fertilized soil to obtain full grown plants. Harvesting the plants will yield large number of rye seeds. Rye also grows naturally in form or wild rye. You can obtain wild seeds by harvesting it.

There are several stages of growing Rye, getting lighter in color and bigger at every stage. 

When rye seeds are first planted, it starts out the same as any seedling. Each stage gets lighter in color and bigger until it is fully mature. 

Do not harvest it until it is fully mature. 


Rye is cultivated to produce bread for eating. It will take several game days at a minimum, for rye to fully mature. See the Farming page for information on proper planting and cultivation of rye. 

The creative inventory only has 3 stages of growing rye. 

Related Pages 


1.22- Rye was added as well as its 7 other stages.

1.22- Rye is used in making bread.

1.25- Several stages of growing rye were added to the creative inventory.

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