There are three rideable animals; the horse, camel, and donkey. Attempting to ride horses and or camels without a saddle will result in you getting thrown off. Not a good idea! You can get on a donkey without a saddle and without getting bucked off, but he will not move.


Horses are the fastest rideable animal. Placing a saddle on a horse allows you to ride it. Can be great for quick escapes from dangerous animals. They are the most common rideable animal. The most stubborn horses are black horse. Palomino horses are never stubborn. They come in a range of different colors including Bay, Chesnut, Palomino, White and black.

P horse


Camels are considerably slower and rarer than horses, but they drive nicely. They are sometimes called the ships of the desert. They are most commonly found in desert biomes and their borders. Camels can also jump up to two blocks high, so when containing them a high wall/fence is needed.



The donkey is the rarest and most stubborn rideable animal. They can be found in grassland biomes most commonly. Donkeys will not try to throw you off their backs if mounted without a saddle, but will refuse to move. When riding a donkey, it will often stop and shake it head. Feeding the donkey some kind of plant material (flower, grass) will ensure longer riding.


Saddling Your Animal

Hold a saddle in your hand and walk up close to the animal. Tap the animal and the saddle will be placed on it. You don't have to do anything special for the animal to accept the saddle. Survivalcraft world animals don't need to be trained or 'broken' to allow a saddle on them. Make sure you have the saddle in hand, or you will punch the animal, and horses and donkeys may run, but camels attack!

Mounting Your Animal

Approach the (saddled) animal and keep it in the center of your viewscreen. When you are close enough, the crouch button will turn into a MOUNT button. Simply press this button and you will get atop the animal and be ready to ride it.

Guiding Your Animal

It can take some practice to learn how to guide your ride and steer it properly.We recommended getting used to this in either creative or harmless mode. That way you won't have to worry about getting hurt while you learn.

You do not have to keep pressing forward for the ride to keep moving. Each time you swipe forward (up) it will pick up speed until it's moving at the maximum speed. The same goes for slowing down. If you are moving fast, you will have to swipe down several times to stop completely.

Turning is not the same. Swipe sidewise to turn. As long as you keep your finger on the screen the ride will continue to turn. The bigger your swipe, the faster it will turn. When you lift your finger, it will keep going in the direction it is facing.

Summoning Your Animals

Any saddled animal within 30 blocks will come to you when you summon them with a whistle. A whistle also works for herding cows, ostriches and unsaddled camels. (They will run away from the whistle). To blow your whistle, have it in your hand and tap anywhere on the screen (unless if the whistle is hitting a block [you are hitting a thing]).


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