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This page is about upcoming features for Survivalcraft that have been announced or hinted by Kaalus/Candy Rufus Games/Igor Kalicinski.

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NOTE: Any user spamming this page will be blocked immediately. This page is to inform us about upcoming SC Updates.

Version Additions

Planned blocks, items, etc.

Feature Description
Villagers Kaalus said it is on the almost end of the queue.
More Generated Structures Kaalus said that the grass pits and the graves that are spawning on worlds is just a test, hinting that more may come out on future updates.
More weapons A file on Wordpress has been discovered named ‘blow gun’ this weapon may appear More weapons might come on future updates.
Painting Each Block Sides Kaalus originally planned this, but failed. He said he may add it if we will get/upgrade to 32 bit blocks.
More Animals: Elephants[1] Kaalus said on a post on "Last Animal" that he likes to add elephants, but says he can "foresee" issues with the trunks.



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