The selection when entered


The options when editing or creating a player.

This is where players are created from 2.1 onwards.


When editing or creating a player, these are the options:

  • Sex: In MALE the player is stronger, moves slower, it can withstand injuries, needs more food and can hit hard. In difference, in FEMALE it moves faster, needs less food, cannot survive many injuries and weaker than male.
  • Name: You can change the name to the player. The default name for the player depends on the skin. These names include Walter, Basil, Ada,
  • Character Skin: You can change the skin of the player. It has 8 default skins, 4 males and 4 females. More about skins here.
  • Controls: You can choose available controls (mouses, touchpads and gamepads)
  • In the bottom of the screen there is a Delete Player button that deletes existent players.