This article describes vehicles that may be built using pistons.

Self-propelled Train

The first known invention of the self-propelled vehicle is shown on Kaalus' blog.

After experimenting with that design, I have discovered ways to improve the design. The first one is to increase the rate of movement. You can raise the extention of ALL the pistons to 8 blocks. The vertical piston must also be slowed down to SLOW, to keep the proper timing.

In the blog, the OP claims the switch block must be made a certain way but that isn't the case. Any full-sized (lever) furniture switch block will work. The purpose of this block is simply to provide moving power to the pistons.

Also, the original design will not effectively transport the character as shown. It IS set up to have a train attached to the back but if you just stand or crouch on it, you will slowly be dropped off the back. This can be avoided by making the train using a couple special furniture blocks. Make the bottom block like a furniture carpet block - one very thin layer at the bottom. The layer above that is a 'microdot' block. That is a single block shrunk into a 16-block space and moved into a corner. See this page for more info. This lets the character pass through the block yet it registers as a full block, to the pistons. The 'carpet' and 'microdot' blocks are pulled along by the pistons. At the very back, behind these blocks, place two regular blocks.

With this combination, you can stand ON the 'carpet', inside the 'microdot' block, and the regular blocks will pull you along in the train.

Another modification is to increase the size of the locomotive. Additional horizontal pistons may be placed next to the interior switch block. See the picture for an example.

Wide piston train 1

This shows both the wide train and the rider-friendly modifications. The glass blocks let you watch the terrain go by while you're riding the train. The space batween them is NOT empty - that's where the 'microdot' blocks are. You can see the furniture carpet blocks under them. They're the pale blue sheets.

The diamond-looking blocks are actually furniture switches.

Unfortunately, this cannot be built with a roof so you cannot sleep on it, as someone suggested in the blog. It isn't a proper shelter.

Another option would be to replace the glass blocks and the rear blocks with 'Invis glass blocks'. Then the only part of the train that's visible is the 'carpet'. Of course, the locomotive section WILL be visible but it will look like it's just pulling along a bit of carpet. The character can still ride safely in back however.


  • After some experimentation, a potential flaw has been discovered. In the wide version, the two sides seem to get slightly out of sync with the central section. The train still works but this can cause the character to fall out. The solution is simple, however. Just add one more layer to the very back of the train.
  • Another issue regards the extended push distance modification. For some reason, the pistons do not retract smoothly. The train still works but it gives a very jerky ride.
  • With the original 1-block push, the train moves about 24 blocks per minute.
  • As with ALL electrics in SC, the train will NOT function if it is beyond the view range of the character.
  • WARNING! Using this train for extremely long distances will cause 'file bloat'. As it moves, each chunk it passes through must be saved and not simply generated. The file will slowly grow and may eventually get too big for the system to handle.