Push Piston icon
General Attributes:
Is Stackable Yes (40)
Is Flammable No
Explosion Resilience 20
Is Fluid Blocker Yes
Tool-related Attributes:
Digging Method Quarry mini
Digging Resilience 4

Pistons were introduced in V2.0

Description (from Recipaedia)

Pistons can be used to push and pull blocks. The extention of piston is controlled by voltage applied to it. 0.8 v will extend piston 1 block, 0.9 v two, etc.1.5V will extend a piston a maximum of 8 blocks. Pistons can also be edited to limit the maximum extention to lower values. If the piston is a pull piston it will also pull one block back when retracting. If the piston is a strick pull piston, it will not pull back unless it is pulling back a block.

This is the standard piston which does not pull blocks back with it.


It takes 1 Copper Ingot, 3 Planks and 5 Semiconductor Blocks to craft 5 pistons.

Push Piston


Place the piston where you want it. It is a directional block like the Dispenser and will be aimed at you when you place it.

It must be connected to an electric circuit to work. Even if the circuit is just a switch. You should NOT try to connect to the top of it or it may not work properly. Any connection must be to the bottom or sides.

  • The voltage applied to the piston controls how far it is extended. However, when the maximum distance is less than 8 (see below), it will not travel any farther than set.

Editing it

Open its UI by making it center in the screen when you are close enough. The sneak button will turn into the edit icon (sheet paper). Tap that icon. The following window opens up:

Piston UI

From this window you can adjust the piston's speed and maximum distance.

Moveable Items Lists

  • Almost every solid block can be moved with a piston - except diamond blocks.
  • Note that some items can be moved by pistons when they are attached to the piston or the front of a moving block, but not if they are in the way of it.
  • All items which must be mounted to another block react differently depending on where they are attached. If they are attached to the side of a moving block, they will always pop off. If they are attached to a stationary block but in the path of the piston, they will generally stop it. If they are attached to the piston, or to the front of a moving block, they generally will be moved by the piston. Wires however, will pop in all three cases.
    • Although signs can be pushed by pistons, as soon as they are moved, the sign is erased.
    • All programmed electric chips will be erased if they are popped by the piston movements.
  • These items CAN be moved by pistons (they are piston-abled):
Kegs (all)
Wicker Lamp
Fences (all types)
Fence Gates
Switches - lever and pushbutton
Christmas Tree
Stairs and Slabs (all types)
Glass (all types)
All solid crafted blocks - except diamond.
Wire-through blocks
Solid Wood blocks
Leaf blocks
  • These objects will stop the piston and any block that it is moving (they are "piston blockers"):
Solid Diamond Block
Crafting Table
Pushbutton (NOT switches, though!)
Trap Doors (all)
Doors (all)
Motion Sensor
7-Segment Displays
Electric Detonator
Pressure Plate (all)
Spiked Trap
Sea Urchin
  • All objects not listed above will simply pop.

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