Paint is a way to enhance the quality of your home/buildings. Paints are also used to dye clothing. On this page you will find simple, easy to follow instructions on making paint, recipes for all paint colours, and a list of paintable blocks.

Making Paints

To make paint, simply follow these steps (all paints first start with making white paint):

  1. Be sure you have one water bucket for each bucket of paint you plan to create. All paints start with white paint and that starts with limestone, so be sure to have plenty on hand as well as coal for the furnace.
  2. Smelt the limestone in the Furnace to get white pigment.
  3. Put this pigment and a bucket of water together in the furnace to make a white paint bucket.
  4. Check the table below for the recipes to make the (16) available paint colours.
  5. All colors need to be mixed in stages and some need more stages than others. To mix the colors, place the required paint bucket in the furnace with the specified colorant.

- Note that once a paint bucket has been used, you cannot change the color.

For instance, to make Cyan paint you must first make White paint (from limestone), then Pale Cyan paint (with malachite), then darken it to Cyan paint (with coal).
Most paints have more than 1 recipe. This can make it easier to use paints you already have. If you are making your paints from scratch, look over the recipes to find the most efficient sequence.
As an example, you can make black paint from dark grey paint and that from white paint. Or you can make black paint from purple paint, that from salmon paint, that from yellow paint and that from white paint. Clearly, the first way is easier and uses less resources.

Ingredients Used as Colorants

These are the ingredients used to make paint. You will want to have plenty on hand:

  1. Limestone [in White Pigment]
  2. Malachite Chunk [Obtained from Copper Ore]
  3. Sulphur Chunk [Obtained from Sulphur Ore]
  4. Coal Chunk [Obtained from Coal Ore]
  5. Purple Flowers [Found randomly in tropical/forest biomes]
You will need at least one bucket and a source of water.

Using Paint

Painting blocks

Go to the blocks you want to paint. Prepare to paint by selecting the paint bucket in the hotbar.

Tap the blocks you want to paint that color. It should become the same color as the paint bucket, now.

You can paint 60 blocks with one paint bucket.

Dyeing clothes

Take your paint bucket and put it into the furnace.

Put the piece of clothing you want to dye into the other slot in the furnace and wait for it to finish.

Dyeing one article takes one coal chunk.

Dyeing clothes is not like paint. You can dye clothing multiple times to combine the colors.

You can dye several pieces of clothing with one bucket.

Paintable Blocks

  • Some electric items use paint to color their light. They are the LEDs, 4-LED, and 7-Segment Display. They can only use the following colors: white, yellow, red, green, blue, orange, cyan and purple.

Objects that may be painted or dyed are:

  1. Clay
  2. Wooden Planks
  3. Granite - Painted Granite breaks into Painted Cobblestone like untreated Granite does.
  4. Cobblestone
  5. Marble
  6. Sandstone
  7. Basalt
  8. Brick Wall
  9. Stone Bricks
  10. All slabs and stairs.
  11. All fences and fence gates.
  12. Both Wooden Signs and Iron Signs
  13. All Clothing made from canvas or leather or fur. See the Clothing page for more details.
  14. Carpet
  15. Electric Wire
  16. Lightbulb

Paint Color Recipes

There are 16 colors currently available. Their recipes are as follows:

  • Purple Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Cyan Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Dark Grey Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Grey Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Yellow Paint + Purple Flower
  • Blue Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Red Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Green Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Yellow Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Purple Paint + Sulphur Chunk
  • Light Blue + Coal Chunk
  • Purple Paint + Malachite Chunk
  • Cyan Paint + Purple Flower
  • Pale Cyan + Coal Chunk
Dark Grey
  • Grey Paint + Malachite Chunk
  • White Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Cyan Paint + Sulphur Chunk
  • Pale Green + Coal Chunk
  • Salmon Paint + Malachite Chunk
  • Pale Green Paint + Purple Flower
  • Pale Cyan Paint + Sulphur Chunk
  • Pale Yellow Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Dark Grey Paint + Sulphur Chunk
Pale Blue
  • Pink Paint + Malachite Chunk
  • Pale Cyan Paint + Purple Flower
Pale Cyan
  • White Paint + Malachite Chunk
Pale Green
  • Pale Cyan Paint + Sulphur Chunk
  • Pale Yellow Paint + Malachite Chunk
  • White Paint + Purple Flower
  • Pink Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Dark Grey Paint + Purple Flower
  • Salmon Paint + Coal Chunk
  • Yellow Paint + Malachite Chunk
  • Pale Yellow Paint + Purple Flower
  • Pink Paint + Sulphur Chunk
  • Bucket Of Water + White Pigment
  • White Paint + Sulphur Chunk

Color Generation Chart

Thanks to user [Artaxerxes2] for adding this chart!

Paint schema


  • In 2.1, Yellow was changed to Brown and Pale Yellow, to Yellow.
  • Also we have access to the color palette so all colors may be changed (in one world), colors can be adjusted both with RGB bars or using an hexadecimal value. The recipes still stay the same.
  • In 2.0 Olive has been renamed to Yellow and the original Yellow has been renamed to Pale Yellow.