Paint Bucket
Paint Bucket icon
Common Attributes:
Is Stackable? No
Is Flammable? No
Durability 61
Weapon Powers:
Tool Strengths:

Description (From Recipaedia)

A bucket full of paint. Can be used to paint surfaces for decorative purposes. Different colors of paint are obtained by dissolving colored ingredients, such as malachite or purple flowers into white paint.


White paint buckets are made by cooking white pigment with a water bucket in a furnace. All other colors begin with the white paint bucket and add other ingredients the same way.

Paint Bucket craft

Many colors will require several steps to get the proper color. See Recipedia or the painting page for the recipes for each color.


Paint buckets are used to change the color of some blocks (Planks, Granite, Cobblestone, Basalt, Brick Wall, Stone Bricks, Sandstone, Marble, Clay, Wires, Lightbulb, Stairs, Slabs, Fences, Fence Gates, Signs and Furnitures.) To use it, hold the paint bucket in your hand and tap the block you wish to paint. They can also be used to dye Clothes, Carpets and as a crafting ingredient to make LEDs, 4-LEDs , 7-Segment Displays or Fireworks.

Check the page Painting for more details.


  • Be very careful when holding any bucket in your hand. Active blocks such as doors and chests may not open with a bucket in your hand.

Paint Colors

There are 16 paint colors:

  • White Paint
  • Pale Cyan Paint
  • Pink Paint
  • Pale Blue Paint
  • Yellow Paint
  • Pale Green Paint
  • Salmon Paint
  • Gray Paint
  • Dark Gray Paint
  • Cyan Paint
  • Purple Paint
  • Blue Paint
  • Brown Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Red Paint
  • Black Paint

All of these recipes can be viewed on the Painting page.


1.16-Added paint buckets.

1.17-Fixed paint buckets being edible.

1.22-Paint buckets can now be used on bricks, basalt and granite.

1.23-Fixed paint buckets not giving you your bucket back after using.

1.26-Paint buckets can be used to dye select clothing.

1.29-You can paint more blocks now, including all stairs and slabs. See the version history.

2.0-Olive swapped with a new Yellow paint, the former Yellow paint has been renamed into Pale Yellow paint.

2.1-New Yellow paint replaced to Brown paint, Pale Yellow paint changes the name back to Yellow paint, Color palettes are now customizable.