Old Shirt
Old Shirt
General Attributes
Clothing/Armour Type Cotton
Can be Dyed? Yes
Stackable? No
Flammable? Yes
Other Attributes
Protection 0%
Durability 20
Insulation 2.0
Weight Light
Movement Speed 100%

Description ( From Recipaedia ) Edit

Old shirt you wore when being abandoned on this land. Can be Dyed. No Protection. Weak Insulation.

Description Edit

When The Ship maroons the player on the blocky land of Survival Craft, they start out with ragged and old clothing that provides minimal protection and warmth. It is advised to never venture into cold or snowy biomes wearing just the Old Shirt and Old Pants, as the player will freeze and soon die. This can be prevented by wearing Fur clothing.

Notes Edit

  • Before 1.26 The old shirts and pants were actually part of your skin.
  • As of 1.26, the Old Shirt and Old Pants can be removed, exposing the players new skin of boxer shorts.

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