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Is Stackable? No
Is Flammable? No
Durability 101
Weapon Powers:
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The Musket is a gun that can fire Buckshot Balls, Buckshot and Musket Balls. Buckshot is a spread shot that is best for hunting birds and musket balls are best for bigger animals although they can't bring down large animals every time. A buckshot ball is one ball from a buckshot - it is enough to kill a bird but it will merely annoy larger animals.[1] The single buckshot ball is not intended for general use.



Description (From Recipaedia)

A musket can be used to fire Musket Balls or Buckshot.


Place 2 iron blocks, 2 planks and a rod as shown to get one musket.

Musket craft


To load the musket, open the edit panel (paper icon at the top-right). Then items need to be dragged onto the musket in the following order: Gunpowder, Cotton Wad, and a Musket Ball, Buckshot or a Buckshot Ball.

To shoot the musket, make sure it is selected in your hotbar. Press and hold the screen and a crosshair will show. Hold your finger until a 'click' sound is heard. Then, aim at the target and release your touch, and the gun will fire. This is much the same as using a Crossbow.

You can sneak before selecting the musket from the hotbar. This makes the crosshair move around less vigorously and the shot is therefore more accurate.


  • The musket has an unusually low durability, given the rare resources required to craft it.
  • Musket balls may not bring down large animals with one shot.
  • Bullets can hurt or kill you easily if they ricochet off something hard.
  • Musket Balls and Buckshot can explode Gunpowder Kegs and Incendiary Kegs
  • Buckshot can kill smaller animals such as wolves in one hit when very close but is not recommended due to the risk of a ricochet.
  • Loading gunpowder in a Musket without any bullets will fire a blind shot. This can be used to scare away animals. A message also appears saying; "No bullet, blind shot fired" It makes no difference whether there is a cotton wad in the gun.
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  • When shot, muskets produce a white smoky particle effect. This can obscure your target, making it difficult to initially see if the shot was a hit.
  • Shooting when in water will not trigger anything, but it will use up the Gunpowder, Cotton Wad and the ammunition loaded in.

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