Multicolored LED-0

Description   (From Recipaedia )Edit

A light emitting diode. When connected to a power source emits weak colored light. The color of the light depends on the value of signal aplied to the diode. 0.8V or above produces light of 8 different colors. The light is too weak to light up the surroundings, but it's easily visible. It has inputs on all sides for easy connection and can be placed on any horizontal or vertical surface.


Crafting Multicolored LEDs require 3 copper ingots, one glass and one electric wire. You get 4 Multicolored LEDs.

Multicolored LED craft


  • Simply run a wire from them to any power source or signal line. They can also be connected by a wire-through-block.
  • It is an 'analog' device, so they can change the color depending of the battery volts.
  • It can be used to mark your paths or your house but without lighting up the surroundings.

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