Milk Bucket
Common Attributes:
Is Stackable? No /Yes to 12
Is Flammable? No
Weapon Powers:
Tool Strengths:

Description (From Recipaedia)

Bucket full of milk, can be consumed. Milk is obtained by milking a cow. Be careful of nearby bulls, because they will attack once they sense that someone is too near the cows. Once milked, a cow will slowly regenerate the milk, and after some time it will be available for milking again.


A milk bucket is not crafted. Milk is collected in a bucket from cows.


Place a bucket in your hotbar and hold it in your hand (select it). Approach a cow and tap the cow. The bucket will fill up with milk.

Drink the milk by entering the "body" portion of the User Interface and dragging the milk to "eat" it. The empty bucket will remain in your inventory.


  • Milk can be stacked up to 12 in the hotbar only.
  • Milk will restore quite a bit of hunger. The food value is 0.1.
  • Black cows regenerate milk faster than brown cows.
  • Milk left alone for a while may spoil and become Spoiled Milk.