Logic NOR Gate
Logic NOR gate icon
General Attributes:
Is Stackable Yes (40)
Is Flammable No
Is Fluid Blocker No
Tool-related Attributes:
Digging Method Hack mini
Digging Resilience 1

Description (From Recipaedia)

Logic NOR gate. Has two input on the sides and one output. The output is 0 when any of the inputs is 1, otherwise it is 1. Can be placed on any surface and rotated to desired orientation.


Crafting requires 2 copper ingots, 5 germanium crystals. You get 4 gates.

Logic NOR Gate craft

Hooking It Up


The output is the side where the 'pointy' end is. The inputs are the sides next to that one. The opposite side has no connection.

Graphical Symbol

This gate is a standard OR gate with a built-in NOT gate after it. This helps to reduce circuit complexity.


  • NOR gates are primarily digital devices but will operate on analog signals. It performs a bitwise NOR. This allows for more compact and interesting circuit designs. See Using Analog Signals.

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