Level and Experience is a new mechanic introduced with Survivalcraft 2.1, allows to your Character to become stronger, faster, more resilient and improving other parameters by acquiring Experience Orbs.

Description (From Help)Edit

Your character becomes more experienced over time. Experience is represented by little golden orbs that can picked up. They appear when you mine minerals, harvest crops or hunt animals. Collect them.

If you gather enough experience, your character will advance to the next level. Your strength, speed and resilience will increase and you food needs will decrease. You will also be able to use more advanced tools, weapons and armor.

When you die and respawn, your level is reduced to a much lower value. It will take a lot of time to regain the lost experience.

Gaining ExperienceEdit

As explained above, there are various ways for getting experience orbs. Here's a list who shows the amount of experience that can be retrieved from different methods.

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