Survivalcraft has small patches of paradise in the vast ocean, named islands. They can range in size from as little as one block, to hundreds of blocks. Depending on the map, some may be easily accessible or it may be difficult to find even one. Islands may be like miniature mainlands; caves, trees, and all matter of different biomes are possible. Animals rarely spawn on smaller islands, except for birds, making them relatively safe from hostile and semi-hostile animals. Larger islands can spawn animals prodigiously.

Finding an islandEdit

Isolated islands can be found out in the ocean. To reach one in survival mode, Boats must be used. This is because the player can't swim for long periods of time, as they will get tired and drown. It is recommended more then one boat and durable weapons are brought on the journey, as dangerous predators like piranhas, sharks, and orcas will attack you. See the boat page for information on combat in boats.n


Survivalcraft Island Cave - Part 1-003:16

Survivalcraft Island Cave - Part 1-0

This video was made by HeadBurro Antfarm

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