Iron Tip Arrow
Iron tip arrow
Common Attributes:
Is Stackable? Yes (up to 24)
Is Flammable? No
Weapon Powers:
Projectile Power 12
Tool Strengths:
Tool Level 5

Description (From Recipaedia)

Arrows and bolts are fired from projectile weapons.


Requires 1 feather, 1 stick and 1 iron ingot. You get 4 arrows.

Iron Arrow craft


Arrows are shot from a bow. They are especially good for killing animals that are hard to melee kill such as birds, or for when severely injured animals run away so you can land the killing blow.

Iron arrows are used to make diamond tipped arrows.


  • They have a chance to break when hitting something.
  • All projectile ammo has a high chance of breaking glass if it hits it.
  • All projectiles have a chance at rebounding back at the player and can do significant damage and/or result in death.


  • 1.24- Added iron tip arrow along with the bow
  • 1.25- Projectile damage increased to 8 (from 6)
  • 1.28- Velocity increased[1]
  • 1.29- Projectile damage increased to 10 (from 8)
  • 2.1- Projectile damage increased to 12 (from 10)

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