By building furniture blocks carefully, we can create 'invisible' blocks of several types.


The basis of this is that we can use glass blocks in building furniture. By carefully noting where the glass block texture is clear and ONLY placing blocks there, the final furniture piece will also be clear!

Note that this is only valid for the current default glass block texture. Alternative textures will likely NOT work the same way.

Invisible Furniture Blocks

The basic full-block can be constucted by building the model as a 13 block hollow frame and shrinking it into a 15 block space. Then shift the model so that it's one block away from all edges. This fits all blocks into the clear areas of the texture. This can be called an invisible glass block.

Glass Block Frame

The next option is to build only a single plane in the same manner. If it's placed near one face of the final piece, it could be called an invisible glass face.

Glass Block Plane

The glass block texture and the way texture is placed on furniture makes it impossible to make a useful plane near the center of the finished block. So, with the default texture, we cannot have an invisible glass pane centered in the block.

Another option is to have one single glass block. Shrink it into a 16 block space. Move it into a clear spot, similarly to the above. The character can then pass through the block freely. The player likely will not even realize there's anything there at all. This could be called an invisible glass microdot.

Making microdot

Microdot BEFORE moving it


Invisible Furniture Wires

This microdot (and all the rest) are considered a full block with connected furniture. If they are made connected, they may be used to connect other connected furniture pieces and could be thought of as invisible wires. NOT wires in the electric sense but they WILL allow connected furniture to respond without visible contact. The microdot will also let the chracter pass through the block space so is most suitable as 'Invisible wires'.

Disappearing Walls

You can use a microdot as one state in an interactive furniture piece. Then it will appear as if the block disappears when activated. Make them connected and use this to make disappearing walls or doors. The character can move freely through the 'disappeared' wall.

Invis Glass Furniture Pack

This author has created a furniture pack that includes the abovementioned blocks and more. Get it here:


  • Multistate (interactive) furniture pieces will have the light transmission of the clearest state. If one state is invisible glass of any type, then the finished block will ALWAYS pass light through it as though it was a glass block, even if it looks like a solid coal block!

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