Alright so you know how to play the game, but you're not much more than a caveman (or girl), and you want to be more settled in the game. Well that's where this guide comes into play.

1. The first thing you need is your basic supplies: axe, pickaxe, machete, leaves etc. Basic stuff you should have.

2. Head toward a desert biome, it shouldn't be hot in the current version of the game. You will need to explore until you find a land bird called an Ostrich. This creature is harmless, but when provoked as a herd they will become hostile until you lower their health so they will retreat. Now capture this creature in a hole and cover up with blocks that don't burn, stone works.

Ostrich verhistory

A group of Ostriches

3. Build an 8 block by 8 block by 3 block pen, (I suggest dirt floor and windows facing east and west) and let the ostrich in or lure it in with pumpkins.

4. Gather two or three of these birds, avoid other hostile animals if possible, and leave them alone for a day and come back to receive an egg or two. They will only lay eggs if you are far away from them.

5. Each one of these uncooked eggs gives you half a day of food, a cooked one gives you 1 full day, but if the pen is good then you can get 6 eggs some days from the birds.

Congratulations, you can now build up the area more, explore, just make sure you see your birds every other day to get food and you will never go hungry with this alternative food source.

BONUS TIP: (I designed this) Dig a pit pretty wide (4x4 or more) and deep (3-5 blocks deep) and fill the bottom layer with water (see buckets). Now anything (lions and wolves) that fall in stays there as long as you can see it, now the game can't spawn new creatures cause there are too many living ones in your area.

Now how long can you survive?

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