Incendiary Bomb
Incendiary Bomb icon
Common Attributes:
Is Stackable? Yes to 24
Is Flammable? No
Weapon Powers:
Explosive Power 50
Tool Strengths:

Description (From Recipaedia )

An incendiary bomb is a sphere made of iron filled with gunpowder and fitted with a slow-burning fuse. It will explode a few seconds after it is thrown. It is weaker than a regular bomb, but its debris set flammable objects on fire. Do not use in the wooded areas!


You need One Bomb and one Sulfur Chunk. You get 1 incendiary.

Incendiary Bomb craft


Select it in the hotbar. Aim and throw it like a stone chunk. After it lands, a 5 second delay fuse will start then--BOOM! Watch out for flaming debris!


  • You can start a house or forest fire if used carelessly.
  • Red flaming debris can be spread far from the initial explosion and can set on fire anything that's flammable.
  • Their explosive power is 50, less than a small gunpowder keg so they're not very effective against stone and other hard materials.
  • They will scare animals, especially birds, from the area.
  • It is better to use this against soft materials rather than hard materials such as stone.
  • Successful mining explosions only drop about 75% of the total blocks.


  • Added in Survivalcraft 2.0

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