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Attention All Users!Edit

Plant Champion and I [ChartreuseNarwhal] are hosting a building contest for upcoming holidays!

This was Plant Champion's idea, and we would be more than happy to have everyone participate!


Please post a picture of your building, and leave the following info as well:

Name: Username or IP address
Building Type: What does it function as? [House, decoration, etc.]
Brief Description: Tell us a bit about your building!!

Additional Info.Edit

Please place the requested information under one of these categories: 

Thanks, we hope to see some amazing buildings! 

ChartreuseNarwhal & Plant Champion


EXAMPLE: Not part of the contest!!

Survivalcraft 2014-09-11 11-28-37--1-

Example Building

  • Name: ChartreuseNarwhal
  • Building Type: Functioning as House
  • Description: Tall building made from brick and framed glass

City Building Contest - Judging : UndecidedEdit

Contest Description : Build a city!

Building a Community. I have it in Sunrise/Moon rise mode since they are so beautiful. It's not a city but has a great bridge, log home and this giant Tibetian Monestary on the mountain. Good thoughts for those devestated by the earthquake. By Gvbacci 

Adventure Begins 1

The adventure begins....