In SurvivalCraft, some animals can be herded using a horse and whistle.

Which Animals can be Herded?

The following animals can be herded*, as they will run from the whistle sound:

*The Duck, Raven, and Seagull will fly away from the whistle sound, but because the fly, they cannot be "herded".

Herding Animals

Using a saddled horse and a whistle, you may herd cattle and ostriches. All of the above animals run from the whistle sound, so you can direct them by changing

Horses are great companions to have when herding animals.

your position.

For example, if you want your herd to go forward, blow the whistle and run behind them. When you want to make a turn, blow the whistle on either side of the herd. If you want to go left, blow on the right side. If you want to go right, blow on the left side.

It is easiest to do this on open land. If you try this in a forest, you could be knocked off of your horse, or your herd could become broken up.


Have an enclosure waiting for your animals when you arrive. I suggest using cheap blocks (such as Sand or Dirt) to put around your fence. This way, your animals can go in with ease, but cannot get out.

After your animals are in a fenced enclosure, build your fence up at least 3 blocks high so that predators cannot harm your livestock. Remember to remove your surrounding sand/dirt too! Wooden fences are technically NOT over one block high. Since tigers and werewolves can jump three blocks, plus one more block if they happened to jump from the back of another animal, wooden fences should be built 5 blocks high. Or place some type of roof over the area. You could use fences as the roof if it isn't in an area prone to lightning strikes.

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