In Harmless mode almost all danger is removed from the game. The animals will not attack unprovoked. Falls are less deadly. Health regeneration is very quick. Digging is 25% faster. It is a good way to learn the operation of the game without much risk.

Gameplay Features

  • You have to work to get blocks, and craft items, etc.
  • Mine blocks more quickly than in Cruel, Adventure, and Challenging.
  • Being on fire, freezing, etc. can still affect players health but you do not die from freezing.
  • Animals are only provoked when hurt. They do not attack for no reason.
  • Sleep is still necessary every 2 days.
  • Tools and Weapons eventually wear down and eventually break.
  • No animal spawn eggs aside from birds are avaliable.
  • You do not use up stamina.


  • It is the recommended gamemode for new players as it is the easiest survival style mode.
  • You are unable to edit world options other than your texture pack and skin while the world is set to harmless mode.

Other Gamemodes

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