The settings file for the game holds all the settings avilable in the game. That includes screen resolution to gamepad dead zone and so much more! But what you may not know is that you can hack the game files to get some insane stuff such as crazy fps and better lighting if you feel like 10 is just not enough. But most imporantly it holds the visibility range too, if you change your current visibility range to something bigger.

Visibility Range

For example, your visibility range may be 320 blocks, the current maximum and you change that to 1024 blocks (8GB and a computer is required) then you will get a little more than 3x the current maximum 3.2x to be exact. This can work with any number, even odd ones, although I dont reccomend setting the visibility over 1024 because it can crash (You character can't see more than 1024 blocks away. Terrain will generate but the character cant see it). 2048 blocks can be loaded on a flat terrain but the terrain is very weird very far away so limit it to 1024. If you have a high-end GPU (GTX 970-980Ti, 1070-1080Ti), it should crazy fast! If you have a mid range gpu (GTX 950-960, 1050Ti-1060 6GB), then set it to 512 blocks, though you shouldn't lag just after 768 blocks.

How to do it?

  1. Open up your windows file explorer.
  2. Type this in the upper bar left to the search bar and type in: user\appdata.
  3. Click local then find packages.
  4. Find 20961CandyRufusGames.Survivalcraft2_c7jxg4av36ap6 and click on it.
  5. Click on LocalState file, then click on Settings.xml.
  6. If it asks you what you want to open it with click notepad and say to always open it with notepad.
  7. Find <Setting Name="VisibilityRange" Value="320" /> and change it to anything. The maximum recommendation is 1024 blocks aka 64 chunks.
  8. Have fun!

You now know how to hack the settings.xml file. From now on it should appear in quick access

How it looks!

Here is how 1024 block visbility range looks like in the settings: 

Bandicam 2017-07-28 20-08-01-053

1024 blocks (8GB RAM and an extremely fast device recommended)

Here is the beauty of a 1024 block render distance: 


1024 blocks


-This has only been demonstrated on a windows machine (not portable).

-It has yet to be attempted on an android and is not possible on iOS systems because the settings files are not available to the user.

-If this is possible on mobile, don't set it above 512 blocks! 512 blocks and above are for computers ONLY, or if you want to crash your phone.

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