The bomb is designed for those who don't want to waste iron and those who can't. If you want a cheaper mining method, and you don't want to lose all your treasure from your mine after the explosion, you're in the right place!

WARNING:Do not put the bomb near your shelter!

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Step one: Resources Edit

You need at least:

As many as you like cobblestone (You won't use any other ingredient,this is the cheapest, put in as much as you want to destroy but >7)

An item of gunpowder or a small, medium or large gunpowder keg (depends on the size of the explosion you want)

A furnace

A shelter in which you can survive the explosion

Anything that only requires 1 "Smelting Slot"

Step Two: Set The Bomb Edit

You have prepared all the stuff. Let's do this!

First, you put a furnace on anywhere you want to set the bomb. Then, put the cobblestone in the upper slot.

After that, you put the smelting item in it and it will start smelting. Then you put the explosive charge in the fuel slot IMMEDIATELY, AND RUN INTO YOUR SHELTER YOU HAVE BUILT!

You may do anything in the shelter, in order not to waste time waiting.

Step Three: Collect The Loot Edit

After you heard the sound of the explosion, you go back to the place you detonated the bomb, then gather everything, and see anything surprising like you found another cave!

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