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Q: How can we play multi-player?

A:  There is no multi-player mode yet. When it is available, we will announce it. Until then, there is nothing we can do.

Q: How do I make skins or textures?

A: The best source of information for this is on the official forum. You will find many skins and textures ready for download and extensive tutorials telling you how to make your own. 

Q: How do I make skins or textures?

A: You can get much information on the official forum.

Q: Can I tame wolves/coyotes/tigers/...? 

A: No, wild animals cannot be 'tamed' in SurvivalCraft. 

Q: How do I tell which animals will attack me? 

A: The game tries to mimic reality.  See the Animal List in general. Almost every animal can be or become dangerous, see Animal Behaviors page. 

Q. Why do I die upon reaching a particular height?

A. Because that is the height limit.

Q. I cannot destroy the bedrock! BUG ALERT

A. It is intended. See the bedrock page. 

Q. How to get a skin?

A. Make one or download one by going to the Main Screen > Get Content > Community Content > Skins > Download. 

Q: I saw a floating platform. Is this a bug?

A: Truly, the floating platform is a world generation bug. No need to worry, it's even useful to escape those hostile animals. 

Q. How can I make a bed to sleep? 

A: In SurvivalCraft, you don't need a bed to sleep. All you need is a secure enough shelter and a soft place to lay on. Open the 'body panel' and tap the Zzz... button. The game will tell you if there's a problem. There is no actual bed item/block, but even wooden planks are 'soft' enough. Make sure you have a roof on your shelter. 

Q. My pet cow escapes every time! What should I do?  

A. Use double fences or a completely enclosed room.

Q. How do you make electrics? 

A. See Electrics Category for recipes and uses.

Q. How do you milk cows?

A. Milk cows by holding an empty bucket in your hand and tapping on the cow. Be careful, because a nearby bull might think you are attacking a cow that he's protecting and come after you. 

Q. Another question: Eg. I build a square out of 9 dirt blocks, and upload it. My friend downloads it and accidentally destroys the block in the middle. If I look at my original square, will it have a block missing in the center? Just asking.

A. No. Your friend can edit the world in any way and it will not affect yours.

Q: My crops are not growing right. 

A: There are particular conditions that must be met for certain crops to grow to full maturity. See the farming page. 

Q: I can't find the spawner egg for my favorite white tiger! 

A: Several exotic animals are considered rare and do not have a spawner egg. 

Q. I was building a house when a gnu interrupted me. I recently updated Survivalcraft to 1.26, and knowing from this wiki that gnus are not dangerous, I hit it, in hopes that it will run away. But instead, it attacked me! Was that a glitch?

A. As of 1.26, most docile animals like cows, gnus, reindeer etc. CAN retaliate, although not every time. This isn't a bug, this is intended.

Q.Cooked ravens eggs in Creative are turning into Cooked Moose Spawners. Hello? Any logical explanation?

A: This is a bug. It existed for a while.

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