Fireworks are new in version 1.28.
Firework Survivalcraft


Fireworks are essentially a rocket with a delayed explosive. They are launched vertically and can be crafted to form different shapes and colors with the explosion. They may be launched by hand or out of a Dispenser.


How fireworks work

Description (From Recipaedia)

Fireworks burst in the sky creating beautiful patterns. They can be launched by hand, but it's better to launch them en masse using the dispenser. And better still to wire multiple dispensers with electricity and create a beautiful, programmed fireworks display. Fireworks come in 8 colors, 8 shapes, 2 altitude modes (low and high). Additionally each firework can be made to flicker. Color and shape of the head determines color and shape of the burst. Thick shafts burst high, narrow shafts burst low. Red stabilizers indicate flickering.


Fireworks are crafted using a variety of materials: Sulfur Chunk, Saltpeter Chunk, Canvas, Gunpowder, Coal Chunk and a Paint Bucket. Will give you 20 fireworks and one Bucket.

The arrangement of materials in the top row of the crafting interface will determine the shape of the explosion.

The sparkle is controlled by the middle row of the crafting interface, as well as the color of the burst. Replace the canvas with gunpowder to make them sparkle. The color of paint used will set the color of the burst.

The height of the explosion is set by the materials in the bottom row of the crafting interface. Add more gunpowder to make them explode 'high'.

See 'appearance' below for more details.


There are four characteristics that you can set when crafting the fireworks. All combinations of these characteristics are possible, making a total of 256 varieties.

Shapes (top row)

  1. Small burst
    Small Burst Shape
  2. Large burst
    Large Burst Shape
  3. Circle
    Circle Shape
  4. Disc
    Disc Shape
  5. Ball
    Sphere Shape
  6. Short trails
    Flat Trails Shape
  7. Long trails
    Long Trails Shape
  8. Flat trails
    Short Trails Shape

Colors (middle row)

Use the paint bucket to set the colors:

  1. White
  2. Cyan
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. Yellow
  6. Green
  7. Orange
  8. Purple

Sparkle (middle row)

Each variety can be flickering or steady.

  • Steady
    Steady Stream
  • Flickering
    Flickering Stream

Height (bottom row)

Can be set to explode either high or low. The low variety will shoot for about 1 second before exploding and the high variety will take about 2 seconds to explode.

  • Low
    Low Rocket
  • High
    High Rocket


  • Can be thrown by hand
  • Can be launched from a Dispenser
  • They will not explode if launched horizontally
  • Can be crafted to create different shapes and colors
  • They are stackable up to 40 and are NOT flammable.
  • You can launch them from dispensers and set the timing of the launches with delay gates to create a longer lasting light show or have different explosions at varying times for a more complex show. The timing may even be controlled by a more advanced electric circuit to make them synchronized to some music.


  • In one of the first relases of version 1.28, there was Dark colored fireworks, but they were repleaced by Purple colored fireworks after an update

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