Fire Arrow
Fire Arrow icon
Common Attributes:
Is Stackable? Yes to 24
Is Flammable? No
Weapon Powers:
Projectile Power 4 (+Fire)
Tool Strengths:

Description (From Recipaedia)

Arrows and bolts are fired from projectile weapons.


Requires 1 wooden tip arrow and 1 sulfur chunk. You get 1 fire arrow.  These arrows may be made in the personal crafting interface.

Fire Arrow craft


Arrows are shot from a bow. They are especially good for killing animals that are hard to melee kill such as birds, or for when severely injured animals run away so you can land the killing blow. They are best used on edible animals, like a Wild Boar, to cook their flesh without cooking it with a furnace. Birds will not drop feathers, wolves will not drop leather, and bears will not drop their fur, so be careful what you target. However, if being pursued or if you want to get rid of dangerous animals, and you do not care about fur or other drops, than you can shoot the animals and the fire will slowly take health for a bunch of seconds, or if they enter deep water. The fire will burn until the target dies/burns up or when if it enters water.


  • They will always break.
  • Be careful what you shoot; your house might transform into a bonfire.
  • Does not work underwater.


  • Added in the 1.25 update.[1]

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